I made no mindless suggestion of this “grouping of all people together according to skin color” anywhere in my post. Your defensive response and attempted repudiation of facts is exactly why these social problems tend to persist and fester. In fact, your distorted analysis is indicative of how well you have misread, and misinterpreted this pervasively indignant matter in its entirety. Wherever one falls under this social construct of race, the premise is that once motivated by such an ignorance to hold harmful, illogical, belief-insensitive attitudes towards fellow Americans or fellow humans, then one would simply be constitutionally negligent and morally corrupt. Many fail to see that if a group receives an implacable incentive rooted in systemic institutional privilege and advantage, it will never outweigh the benefits of truth, diversity, and equality.

There are plenty of people who are culturally proud and should be, but under the social construct are deemed racially white to their chagrin. These so-called whites in particular who recognize this unsolicited subscription to whiteness and its ideology of supremacy as a scam of epic proportions would not perceive what I wrote the way you have perceived it. The sincere fictions you stated, especially in this sentence, “After all, white people did establish this Country, and their prejudices stemmed from their life experiences in the Countries from which they came” is wholly inaccurate and is a false narrative and trope used to legitimize what is factually the grandest of global larceny committed, involving an established territory of indigenous peoples already here upon their arrival or immigration of Europeans — colonial settlers who weren’t even deemed “white” prior (1600s). That is until the Virginia gentry of legislators established this “white” class of people who were mostly peasants and indentured servants of various ethnicity and who made up the majority alongside them.

When the gentry broke up the threat of this subjugated and oppressed majority with the distraction of racialization and dominance, they continued to reap the benefits of colonization — stealing land and pillaging unabated. When it became necessary to appease this increasingly hostile and ill-treated populace during revolutionary periods occurring in the 1800s, they granted these same whites a right to finally vote in this very same Country. The subsequent grand larceny of African peoples ameliorated the subjugation of poorer classes by divide and conquer tactics of racial discord. The slave holding gentry incentivized the new social stratification of poor whites by paying them to be bounty hunters to recapture their runaway slaves and made them provisional officers, I mean overseers. Overseers, officers, same thing.

But once again this is why I highlight this…

…the privileged social location of white people not only cognitively disposes them to misunderstand certain realities about the racial system, but also gives them an incentive to misunderstand these realities (or ignore them completely). Since they benefit from the racial system, it is not in their interest to understand its harms. Group interest can skew white cognition by affecting, for example, “the concepts favored (e.g., today’s ‘color blindness’), the refusal to perceive systemic discrimination, the convenient amnesia about the past and its legacy in the present, and the hostility to black testimony on continuing white privilege and the need to eliminate it to achieve racial justice”…¹

You go on to mention that “Those prejudices prevailed for most of this Country’s history, and have only slowly been abating. And, as they’ve been abating in this Country, they’ve also abated throughout the rest of the “white world.”” This white world you speak of is corruption and this form of corruption has always met a resistance that you obviously know little about. Empires have fallen based on exposition of truth through the resistance. The way it has been fought is not so much in the streets of protest or through violence as you alluded to with this “both sides” ambivalence towards causation and reaction, it is through exposing and speaking the truth. What happens when you act on lies, or don’t listen, or fail to accept the truth is another thing.

Furthermore, this abating that you speak of came because of the socioeconomic toll — many white people of both upper and lower classes perished and this proved to not be so economically viable to hold human beings as slaves, especially when conducting business with the world — stakeholders. This is not some advanced racial evolutionary wonderment on the part of whites. The evolution would appear to have come from non-whiteness and the example and fortitude set. Slave labor made it plausible to depress wages for white peasants, which tended to further impoverish them materially as well as mentally to this day. You should consider how interdependent humans actually are instead, to their persistence on earth and disabuse yourself of mythologizing this concept of the white race.

Just as immigration targeting is being used today to posit specific immigrants as lesser than — job-stealers, criminals, etc., the clever scheme seems to always work on ignorant people. I can’t fully fault you and your flawed elementary school education on this topic which has evidently led to this sort of irrational reasoning. Equality is not a complex problem, social problems appear complex because you don’t want to have to deal with them. Equality just feels complicatedly oppressive if you appear used to subtle privileges afforded under the social contruct.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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