I see what you mean by this supposition. I think it is very much a contributing factor here. I would like to add an additional layer if I may.

For every Trumpian utterance of deflection (narcissism) or attack (fake news) there is this spellbinding counterintuitive with an echo chamber effect that gets broadcasted. While this counterintuitive thought process of his is nonsensical its transference becomes rationalized into a possibility. This comes with 2 parts motivated ignorance and 1 part skepticism leading to a resounding outcome of a feedback loop.

The more Trump calls out the media for fake news, (something he wholly relies upon for his support), the more benefit of the doubt gets bestowed. Unbeknownst to him it appears in return there is less and less confidence in his leadership ability which becomes evident, however, the rub is that he is seen as not given a fair chance that he can get things done. Obviously negating the complicity of republican majorities and Russian interference. This is the quagmire we are in at this moment because there is no rule book to guide us through this. We seem to be just “winging it” at the moment or just waiting for “the other shoe to drop”.

Another example is this, as much as Trump is a sky-high extrovert, when the cameras are off he appears to be isolated and alone. This is evident with the White House briefings that are rarely in step or just comes off clueless about his agenda or thought process. Think AHCA repeal, and withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Yet this isolation seems to serve him well as those who want to stay in power falsely justify his idiocy. Counterintuitive.

Now when we write him off as a mad man or nincompoop this energizes his cause and thrust his support— as an outsider, as draining the swamp and whatever other nonsense that he utters that becomes galvanized. This is evident because we are surrounded. Spellbindingly counterintuitive.

We are trapped in his frickin’ feedback loop.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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