I tend to believe that there are always more of us than there are of them.

But there are instances where are numbers seem insubstantial by ethical and moral stances, frayed by insignificant differences, betrayed by baser instincts and a survival of the fittest mentality, humbled by discipline and faith, or exasperated and compelled into vigilantism.

Without reason we would not recognize the plutocratic elements that are out to subjugate and oppress the masses in order to quash the existential threat of diminishing their status, privileges and power. That’s why they are called the Job Creators — god-like beneficiaries of a depressed underclass of middle and lower class worshipers. Once those tithes stop coming in though sufferance is just punishment. It justifies the fallacious belief.

It is important to recognize that they use our hands to feed them. And it is their money that is being used to divide and conquer. By splintering us off into factious groups: by giving the appearance of limited resources; by instilling fear and loathing; and by having us compete and die for meager scraps, we end up distracted and beholden to them for all the wrong reasons and for all the wrong answers…hence the Trump presidency.

The less we reign them in with tax cuts and for workplace abuses, and the less we make them accountable to society, the more unconstrained they become in order to wreak their havoc. They use their resources to motivate the ignorance of their pawns in every level of society up into the highest levels of government, and down to the lowliest desperate peasant on the street.

It might be a bit premature to think that Trump would be gone that soon. As I have just illuminated here Trump is merely a representation of the problem and it cuts deeper than him. Bannon and the like do not scare me at all.

While there are those who can’t be reached by reason, there are plenty more who can be made aware. That should be OUR STRATEGY.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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