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A priori

Donald Trump is a representation of the white self — whiteness incarnated. The internalized or compartmentalizing (Sam McKenzie Jr.) of this white self has manifested in Trump being elected as President. There are many who share and perceive the quality of whiteness (or raciality) as having prophetic significance, when in fact it has historically been a perversion of humanity.

A posteriori

Donald Trump is the most visible example of solipsism. His egocentric bias is overwhelmingly cocksure. In Putin, he doesn’t see him as a threat to (in this order), 1) himself directly, 2) America — by which Trump is an extension of — as its elected leader. Rather he sees Putin as he would see himself — an extension of himself — a Russian version of himself. This is where empathy has its shortcomings because he oddly empathizes with Putin — and by extension his thoughts about Putin sparingly carries this certitude.

His solipsistic framing or his thoughts disseminated via tweets is telling enough. It’s as if his thoughts, and only his thoughts is certain to exist. Complying with those thoughts give him credence. Any contrary thoughts held by others in contrast are figments to his imagination — which he candidly dismisses as if it were only a mirage.

The barrage of anti-Trump thoughts and its resistance in all its splendor are an elaborate mirage — inferior image — fake in his view. Bear in mind I make some use of double-entendres here. For example, the inverted and inferior view that Blacks don’t relate to him well and don’t approve of him is a mirage to Trump.


Trump’s incarnation as president of the United States provides additional sensitivity to his belief that his singular thoughtful existence is in fact real or valid. It is all about him. The aspects of feminism that delegitimate his character, dismissed paradoxically, as attempts to deny his allure or his version of self. The racism that we so vehemently denounce in Trump is but a false perception of his greatness and charity towards Blacks or minorities. The empathy shown to the supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia — an extension of his thoughts of certitude, is defensive posturing. Gender bias towards women only servile to his patriarchy — think White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley — or the barring of transgender people from serving in the same capacity, all serves as his rightful thought process of plausible deniability to his overt discrimination.


It becomes quite apparent that any resistance to his thought process serves as this unintended consequence of complicity to Trump’s solipsistic reality.

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Solipsistic reality means that the only reality he’s capable of embracing has to do with his own self and the perception by and protection of his own self. And for a president to be so bound in this isolated solipsistic reality could not be more dangerous for the country and for the world. — Robert Jay Lifton, interview with Huffington Post

An update and additional footnote.

In an extraordinary breach, President Trump is pushing for a U.S. withdrawal from Syria that his military advisers unanimously warn could result in an Islamic State resurgence.

Because that is exactly what Putin wants him to do and if he were Putin he would request the same.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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