I was never an R Kelly fan. He was never in my playlist. Even when he believed he could fly and touch the sky, I was not moved. My spirit never took to him and that dude always seemed to rub me the wrong way with his persona. The pied piper was always a shadowy figure to me ever since I learned that he married Aaliyah. I was 21 when this happened and my baby sister was about her age around 15. R. Kelly was 27 at the time.

I am an Aaliyah fan and she was and is in my playlist. I never perceived her in any other light than a gifted singer. But I knew that her relationship with R Kelly wasn’t kosher. At that time there was nothing much more than that to opine about.

The revelations of R Kelly and his scandalous video that I never saw nor cared to see because it was about R Kelly only proved my instincts about him. Why I wasn’t moved to call him out or remain silent has nothing to do with shielding a celebrated member of the Black community from racism, I assure you. I just hated talking or thinking, or even bringing attention to this dude.

I fully grasp now more than ever after reading your piece how my silence may have enabled and or may have resulted in my complicity in the harm it does to the Black community, our precious children, and to humanity as a whole.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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