I will certainly yield and avail myself of this information. Our democratic principles seem unwritten or insufficient at the moment to combat this development so I have this sense of ignorance (in not knowing) towards plausible solutions — just have to chalk it up to not being aware.

Trump wants to take advantage of Obama’s inconsequential response to Russia’s hacking without taking in the whole picture of the appearance and the repercussions of retaliations meant to stop and punish Russian interference.

Actions that I myself feel conflicted over with Obama’s “choking” in this instance, but I believe the anti-government rhetoric and ensuing republican coup had already undermined and made vulnerable American democracy at this point. The stupidity of these varying in-groups (republicans or conservatives in general) under their veil of ignorance — stitched together an effort to win power and control undemocratically which made it impossible for President Obama to act without contradicting democratic principles and without appearing and acting in the same authoritarian vein as our nemesis Putin.

What does convolute this further is race or xenophobia which is something that is dismissed as something localized on the global stage. Oppression forms its basis at the very top as a means of control and in the ends as theft.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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