I wish things were different Sherry, but by most appearances it seems that the status quo will remain the same. The roughly 100 million that did not cast a ballot should more or less be seen significantly as representing a vote of no confidence. If those eligible voters were compelled to vote — either because they were confident that the future government would serve them well, or because participation was made more feasibly accessible and accommodating, or perhaps both — it still remains to be seen whether the outcome would have differed.

Even with a larger casting of votes, the popular vote would still have gone to Hillary and the electoral college would have still handed Trump the keys to the White House, and this is a plausible guesstimate. The reason being is based on what I have written about on a number of occasions.

The electoral college vote was not even close because states like Wyoming with a population that barely registers over half a million in population size, have 3.6 times the voting clout or voting capital of California that has a population that is larger than all of Canada. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I had discussions with enough Trump voters who now regret their votes, none of them could definitively tell me what substantially convinced them of Trump. The pointed answers were all because of their disdain for Hillary — as a woman, not about her policies. For the very few that cited the policy of just undoing Obama’s legacy has a reason for Trump, they soon after saw their own logic upended and realized that much of his rhetoric during the campaign only seemed reasonable out of anger or resentment towards Obama. This is nothing more than self-abnegating behaviors that see socially constructed benefits in disadvantaging others.

To add more insult to injury was the markets. It appears that a deified market had already spoken. This market rally was based on rolling back Dodd Frank rules — something Mr. Frank himself wanted to roll back after joining the private sector. Not only do you have a president who is not interested at all in monitoring the market or making sure they are regulated for efficiency, this guy only wants to make good or better deals under his name. Whatever that means coming from a man who has filed bankruptcy 4 times.

When we prioritize capitalist ideals ahead of humanity, democracy is stifled from mediating the progressive reforms for inclusion that is needed to stave off the cannibalistic features of capitalism. Now we are stuck with a strain of fascism that claims to know what’s best for us.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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