I would like to caution you Glenn, that we should disabuse ourselves and abstain from attempting to misdefine the term racism. It is a stretch to declare that there are good racists and then there are bad racists. The distinction is every bit an illusion. A good racist is vindicated by what? It is a means to what good end? How? Racism is a set of attitudes and behaviors that are indicative of evildoing — or more plainly acts of dehumanization.

My piece is trying to get at the motive behind it. I don’t want to have to suppose what those motives are. I would like to know from the racists themselves what plausible motives are there to begin with. Is it really ethical to be dangerously vacuous? What could possibly be the motive behind a “good racist”?

Contextually, any suffering or debasement projected unto, promoted unto, or carried out unto innocent human beings is unequivocally evil. Racism is not a natural evil — wherein human suffering is not a direct consequence of any human action. Quite frankly, racism is emphatically an aspect of human evil by contrast.

A human evil, by contrast, is an episode of suffering caused by human activity. Intuitively, the human evils are the evils we inflict upon one another; the natural evils are the evils we suffer at the hands of nature, independently of our own collective agency.¹

I understand the sentimentality of your being sympathetic to these “good racists”, but this would suggest that there is something natural about it. The way I overstand it is that there is no greater good that can be conjured from racism. It is unnecessary in the context of survival of the fittest. There can be no rational positing that in racism some good qualities can be derived or juxtaposed. This would only offer inconsistency and contradiction to any virtue displayed in exchange. It is a false sense of self that is being rationalized to induce dangerous pride about oneself while taking advantage of and feeling superior over others out of unsubstantiated or disingenuous fear.

I wholeheartedly agree with Caleb’s statements here to your comments that…

Racism, along with sexism, homophobia and other denigrating ideologies, are systems of fear based lies.

Humans have always been prone to nonsensical beliefs out of fear. Over time most of those beliefs became sensitive to empiricism, or should have become sensitive to it rather. To grant racism a pass in this way is to dismiss the positive progression and persistence of humanity. I would be careful not to grant any license to those who achieve or see benefit in the self delusion that is racism.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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