I Would Like To Know Why Most People On The Right and On The Left Think Donald Trump Is Winning

It has been written and it is often being said that Donald Trump is winning. President Trump has reiterated as much and has reminded the rest of us that we are all losers. Most would even agree that by the looks of it our loss is Trump’s gain.

Well as a mature enough adult I am no sore loser. I will humbly take that “L”.

I assure you this isn’t a “winning isn’t everything” amelioration for the politically and invariably discontented and upset among us. Like many, I imagine that Trump’s electoral win is but a hollow victory, his supporters along with his flunkies are just beginning to assess the ensuing culmination of casualties that their victorious battle for supremacy 🤔, I mean for a Trumpian presidency, has brought them to bear.

Trump’s winning ways can only be seen as a Pyrrhic victory with mounting casualties like Michael Flynn and James Comey. Then there is the record low approval ratings of any president in recent history soon after taking office. There is also strategic policy losses mounting as well, like the twice-failed executive orders on the travel ban of Muslims, and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. There will also be a heavy toll (in collateral damage) on the strategic assault on Education led by his tone-deaf lieutenant in Secretary Betsy DeVos.


“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”__Vince Lombardi

“I wished I’d never said the thing…I meant the effort. I meant having a goal. I sure didn’t mean for people to crush human values and morality.”

The obsessive nature of competition has an asymmetrical relationship with happiness for society in general.

According to a comparative study of 42 nations around the world by Evert Van de Vliert and Onne Janseen, published in the Journal of Comparative Social Science, happiness decreases as the level of competition increases in a given society.

A lot of people keep saying and or thinking that President Donald Trump is winning as if he is right about everything or anything at this point. This is confounding to me. Is Trump winning at face value simply because he is the President even though he doesn’t act presidential? Is it because Trump responds to mostly everyone who doesn’t swoon in acclamation of his presence, or to those who refuse to kowtow around him, or to whom won’t agree with his alternative facts — as losers? And by the way with this aspersion cast it subsequently lumps us law abiding citizens with terrorists.

So let’s try to put this into context here. Donald Trump won the national election, but to many voters this unpopular, electoral college vote was not even a moral victory. This victory is based on who can be the most ignorant, the most vile, most narcissistic, most lying-ass racist in America. So in those concrete terms, yes he is absolutely winning.

Sometimes or more often enough that is all you need to “win”. When it came to slavery in the United States, white people were winning. When it came to the British empire’s imperialism of most of the world — they were seen as winning, and like the former those ramifications are felt even to this day. The endemic use of child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo to commit horrific acts against humanity unabated for so long can be seen as winning also. There seems to be this Matthew Effect to it that increases in intensity and in all likelihood for that sort of outcome. Many have cheated their way to the top with power and influence in tow, and nevertheless they are adulated or somewhat revered for it, incredulously 😧.

However, not everything is as it seems.

In highly individualistic societies like the United States a win like Donald Trump’s is commonplace and accepted with a number of false justifications, vindications, and condoning. It usually takes a whole lot of retrospection, evolution and moral concession to figure out that this wasn’t a win for the country after all. Our cultural obsession with winning doesn’t necessarily bring about satisfaction in and of itself, even with all its socioeconomic incentives and capital. Win or lose we seem to suffer in the long run from the consequences of being in the heat of battle and in the thick of competition.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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