If I may and I will, what Tim has eloquently written here only seems revelatory to those stricken with motivated ignorance and insensitive beliefs. Please do keep those therapy sessions going sir.👏🏾

As I gather my thoughts and chime in here I know it may be taken with a grain of salt merely because I cannot superficially claim a racialized white identity which now would almost certainly disqualify my position on this in the minds of alt-right white liberals. However, fostering or seeking anything positive about racial identity, period, is a slippery slope that ignores ethnic or cultural migratory significance in our evolution.

I am glad you brought this up Jordan because the notion presented in the article is sophistry to me and to people of color. It is seen as disingenious to want to right wrongs or take responsibility while wanting to acknowledge pridefully the power and ill-gotten gains of whiteness.

Furthermore, this would consequently undermine our interdependence — a human quality that essentially enables our persistence, provided by our patterns of migration and or resistance (to nihilism, or racism), due to environmental or sociocultural factors.

What is truly discerning is that it undermines the cross-cultural or cross-ethnic (or if you prefer the misnomer of mixed-race) persons who are very much human-like as the rest of us. Those of us wanting to, or reaching rather, to claim some restrictive racial identity is ignoring the intersectionality of our human existence in all of its complexities and brilliance. This makes the concept of racial identity all the more problematic and absurd. It is like (re)creating problems where there is none to begin with.

This is a Nonidentity Problem and the only way to cure it is to acknowledge that we are all flawed by these existing identities in scope and degree and the only refuge from it is to non-identify with problematic identities of race.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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