Illuminating piece from a truthteller indeed.

Many will probably balk at embracing this line of reasoning that you so eloquently laid out but this would prove difficult to disprove with critical thinking.

As a Black male under the social construct with an unsolicited subscription to whiteness, I am a big proponent of unlearning certain acculturative practices and notions that are harmfully androcentric to me and to an interdependent society. I too marvel at the belief insensitivity — beliefs that don’t change despite empirical evidence and negative consequence— within the Black community on display when it comes to holding criminal behavior accountable, let alone intolerable.

When some inconvenient truth is exposed, such as in all of the examples you have presented, the hypersociability that follows in defense of such criminality can be self-defeating. The attitudes and behaviors espoused by an individual tend to incur a degree of consequentialism that can be unduly served in instances like these.

Take for instance your first example. Being brutally murdered under the symbolic violence of an aberrant institution for what should have been a standard arrest — mind you, may warrant a degree of protest and awareness, but the consequence of the apportioned support and defense has to reflect the inconvenient truth of the character involved. It cannot be exclusive of misogynist nor malevolent attitudes and behaviors that contextualize the outcome.

Same for R. Kelly who is aptly nicknamed “The Pied Piper”, whose musical acclaim have earned him enough complicity to the episodical abusive nature he has towards denigrating young impressionable Black women — his muse apparently. At a minimum what has inspired his music should be considered intolerable to the welfare of our community.

And thirdly Mr. Cosby, who is an exemplar of the Black bourgeois set, has historically reflected no qualms about shaming a Black collective for their inability to overcome an extreme Matthew Effect of circumstances that laden them with disadvantage and stigma. He showed what the racial etiquette of bootstrapping can afford you in life which includes, once again, the androcentric abuse and marginalization of women — especially Black women, because that is an ongoing theme here that we have come to learn in the culturalization of being American.

We need to unlearn that.

I appreciate you sharing this Elizabeth, and for the pleasure of inspiring me to express and expound on your well thought out composition.

Stay blessed.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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