I’m gonna make this short. I read Ms. Marley K.’s piece and I appreciate it as much as I appreciate yours Mr. Clay Rivers. What I have come to realize and self actualize in my short existence on the topic of God — without all the religiosity fillers is this.

My belief in God is a belief in the inestimable, and incomprehensible. An alpha and omega so indescribable that no fore and after stage of human evolution and development can explicate a meaning.

Proof of the existence of God is both tangible and intangible. God is neither singular nor plural in form.

God is surely not gendered.

God exists just as science exists, and science exists because of God.

God is indefinable by mere human standards of inculcation.

God is beyond doubt and beyond reason.

God is irreducible and cannot be found in the bible, besides there is not enough pages in it for that. As I mentioned before, the inestimable and incomprehensible cannot be described by mere humans.

God is what it is.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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