In response to your run-on cynical question, the answer is no.

Never mentioned that Kris Gage should run for office or should be an authority figure in any particular subject. You inferred that with this irrational and emotive sarcasm. Not interested in mansplaining her points. Not interested in dominating her or disciplining her thoughts. Not interested in your singular assessment of “people whose writing we read more frequently”. 🧐🤔😑 Not interested in playing this silly game of wanting to be unequivocally right by chastising her.

I simply agreed with her take on emotional health being sexy, which has been tried, tested and found to be true in my experiences. I do like promoting positive health for my fellow humans, it has profound and far reaching effects.

I am also not her doctor, nor do I feel like I am her superior, therefore my statements are not a reverse diagnosis of a bunch of disagreeable people, nor an endorsement for her to lead us to salvation. However, critical thinking about such imprudent responses suggest that there is a discernible pattern of misplaced ire towards her, and an obsessive need to negatively overreact to her arguments, which evidently can be attributed to poor emotional health. Feel free to disagree.

What she has written on this topic does not incite me to be disagreeable with her, and there are certainly more plausibly positive ways of disagreement without being unpleasant and rude about it. Coming after her for anything else outside of this topic is irrelevant.

Furthermore, you preaching to a choir that can’t even sing, and I ain’t here for all that.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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