Interconnection Failures

That’s exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned that I’d feel ashamed because it would be a reflection on us as a family unit. I am completely aware of when family circumstances can go awry, and thus would require more than just a lone voice (or support) for encouragement or influence to get back on proper course. And in most cases your voice or influence wouldn’t trump let’s say a mother or father in these instances. This is where and when the afflicted shame hits the most — within myself. That’s just me being real.

We should feel sorry for ourselves, not the strippers. — Marley K.

While I can give due credit to their misplaced adversity and wherewithal, I can see how we also can and should take blame for that being a last or only resort for most. Instead most of us are trained to or have learned to use their circumstances as a crutch (in terms of well that ain’t me or my problem — no that is our problem all the same) or for a means to exploit others — after feeling exploited or undervalued for our worth in the same damn system, hence the escapism part.

Once again Marley I appreciate you sharing something this personal and it has made me think and articulate something I have mostly kept to myself.

There is plenty of shame I feel within my own family about a number of things that has led to our fractious relationships and most of what created it was beyond anyone’s control, however and regrettably we allow for certain unintended or unforeseen circumstances to happen when we needed each other most. That hurts.

It also hurts and is shameful that the broader society is okay with that.

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