Interesting as always. 🤔 This topic of implicit or unconscious bias used for social faux pas always dispirits me in the racial sense. There are more than a few people in every bunch who want to believe the hasty generalization that follows implicit bias for reasons that support insensitivity and thus belief insensitivity.

So when you remarked that “Even when we sincerely believe ourselves to be socially progressive and use our influence and money to promote equality, we cannot self-adjust for our unconscious biases. It simply cannot be undone”, it is not absolute nor accurate, even for you. This tends to justify or sanction it when in fact you can simply unlearn the unconscious bias irregardless of the contrived societal benefits derived for the imperious group membership.

It may seem difficult because it has been built into our socially constructed lives here, and these institutions of callousness are already in place to perpetuate the insensitive beliefs informing implicit biases. There is also a bit of perceptual illusion at play here. We cannot disregard historical facts or reframe it to fit neatly into hasty generalizations of implicit bias on the topic of race. It gets called out each and every time.

Humans are inherently peripatetic so this notion that implicit bias via race is unavoidable is a bit weak. The stronger argument is that xenophobia and its streotyping plays a larger contributing role of reinforcement to the implicit biases of the groupthink kind.

So even though on average white males as you describe as a group lacking diversity will on average skew implicitly towards racializing attitudes and behaviors is evident, the individual outcomes though will vary. This is the other side of the research behind those implicit bias tests that are not highlighted.

It’s that palm-reading fallacy, where as…

the palm reading fallacy: Expecting psychological or sociological phenomena which occur at the group level to yield predictions about particular group members. “[U]nlike palm readers, research psychologists aren’t usually in the business of telling you, as an individual, what your life holds in store.”

Diversity and inclusion is far easier than people are making this out to be especially when the essence of humanity is in its interdependence for its persistence in terms of survival and progress.

Just my 2 cents.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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