Interesting. I have heard these sentiments on many occasions.

If you view politics as a zero-sum game then my guess is that you will continue to legitimate race and its conflicts by seeking to placate the very same people you assert as having to challenge for this alleged and skeptical place in a multicultural and multi-faceted society.

This suggests that there is something disingenuous about being able to easily win over the votes of whites as opposed to Blacks, or other people of color. Whites have never been subject to such negative political scrutiny.

This threshold that Blacks are held to is a misnomer. I find that skepticism is warranted in a rigged system that predominately rewards opportunists who can masterfully utilize racial etiquette and ameliorate the status quo.

I would only concern myself with winning the votes for humanity in all its splendor — that is where national leadership prevails.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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