Is there comic relief in moral turpitude?!

I guess this piece was so funny that I forgot to laugh. Imagine being simply a part of humankind, if you can or if you are able to think critically, for a moment. Dismiss in that very same moment the existentialism that was fraudulently crafted to feed the vanity and insanity of whiteness. In that moment recongize the fluidity of your existence.

Humankind is fluidity — personified and it is essentially an amalgamation, fundamentally. Fluidity can either flow easily or flow unstably, every ripple has its effect.

Some may want to act slick and not recognize the bonds that bind, instead they want to rise to the top like oil gooing up everything it touches and just sit there surrounded — much like an island surrounded by water (but no man or tribal group of men or women are an island) — as if they are still not part of that fluidity. You know what we do with oil spills like this?

That was a triple entendre there but a more simplistic example of our fluidity and its ripple effects are in the way we react to human tragedy, crisis, or loss. We gasp at the sight or sound of an accident especially when human cries are heard simultaneously. Most of us are still riveted by Dr. King’s dream speech. Many who saw the destruction of the 2004 tsunami were mournful for the lives lost in a blink of an eye.

And yet when your favorite team wins a championship there is euphoria, when a cure is found there is hope reverberated, and when there is solidarity against evil there is renewed faith. This rippling effect is due to our fluidity as a whole (humankind).

Our mere interaction here, however benign to most, is an aspect of our fluidity.

Now let that sink in to your complete lack of self-awareness.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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