It is nearly impossible to disagree with your assessments here. While the problem is so evident as to be obvious, the solution however is stubbornly elusive.

The explanation you have so eloquently provided Marley K. reinforces the fact that ignorance is very difficult to crack, especially when it has and is still being incentivized via political, social and capital gains.

The steps taken to voice, print, or sing about the injustice imposed by a corrupt collective has been effective — to a point. The steps taken with civil rights protest, defiance, and with mixed results — instances of retaliation, has also contributed some effectivity in scope and degree towards a resistance to the vanity and insanity of this phenomena. Utilizing our inalienable right, whether it be by taking a legal stand, by popular demand, by being undaunted, or by being overly credentialed and overqualified has also contributed to severely weakening the racial hierarchy that posits them on top.

Nonetheless, what we need in order to galvanize under and implore more of to greater degree and scope is the actual denouncing and or stripping away of this psuedo-profound privilege and entitlement that they have institutionalized with all its ignorance and its anti-blackness. We need to continue to delegitimize it to a point that it becomes unlawful to start with and not be corrupted by it to advance wayward individualism, or become acculturated by awkward but lucrative application to any opportunistic devices of unfettered capitalism.

We need to debunk and dismiss the very idea of whiteness as a standard infinite source of power and influence much less a race or even a plausible societal group because it really isn’t. It is a concept that has no basis. A construct that is faulty and absurd. A belief that is easily challengeable and can be characterized as simply a virally sick and contagious mental representation of inhumanity.

There is a contingent of whites who can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that Donald Trump is unfit to be president and has proven himself to be incompetent for the task simply because of the underlying premise of his remarkable anti-black and anti-brown rhetoric that is comforting to them and socially distances them in terms of class, race and wealth from their fellow Americans. The consequential self-destructive qualities to a nation of immigrants can be summed up as no pain no gain to them. The idea of unearned privilege and entitlement seems more important to them than the possibility of dying from covid 19. The great lengths this collective would go to to uphold the delusion of white supremacy has no bounds.

The fact that history serves as substantial evidence, and our present-day indicates the persistence of this ongoing criminal enterprise and conduct is hard to ignore, unless you are stricken with motivated ignorance, or its stupidity rather.

We should avoid at all costs playing their game. It is what got us into this race-based mess to begin with.

There is no bigger example today than the President of The United States Donald J. Trump, which emphatically is an indication that acknowledges their inconvenient truth and the observant empiricism of fact that white people are not and should not be privileged in any way shape or form, nor should they be so entitled to lead.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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