It is really no more okay to be white than it is for me to be okay with being black. This false binary that we are basing our humanity on with all its preconceived ideas, notions, stereotypes and connotations is disturbing when skin color is used as a marker. Aside from race having no biological basis, whiteness as an identity is pseudo profound and its history in the United States precludes it from being anything but a scam.

Attempting to assign any real humanization to it is reaching or grasping at straws. Wouldn’t it be better to be human first? Because in the end we will expire that way.

The mere recognition of the other in racialized terms is problematic when our interdependence is clearly what makes us virtuous human beings. Any sort of differentiation of human diversity prohibits us from recognizing our interdependence as the greatest asset to our socialization.

There is also this confusion with conflating black pride — which is merely psycho-therapeutic self-love meant to combat white oppression — with the counternarratative of being unapologetically white to shore up nationalism. The dominant group does not need to hold conscious racist beliefs to benefit from the deeply embedded advantages that our institutions have sustained for them or benefit from the same access to resources that people of color are limited to or flat out denied.

Yet there is a contingency of whites who see their successes and achievements in this paradoxical social construct on the premise of their individualism where they neglect to see any direct or indirect advantage or detriment to others that has certainly played a role.

Celebrating our cultural differences as opposed to racial ones would seem to make more sense even at the subcultural level. Celebrating racial differences connotes celebrating all the inequity that not only precedes it but is wholly based on it.

I just think it would be quite remarkable if we just be human, of whom also happened to be American citizens.


Marley K.

Written by

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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