It is undeniable. By design this so-called democratic system by and for the specious eminence of whiteness — as a forethought — contractually ensures that they as a collective in particular will always prevail over decency and equality.

whiteness: its specious eminence and proud ignorance is such a distortion and a distraction that one rarely conceives a reality check on its validity, let alone its morality — Interculturalisticman, 2017

That piece I tagged you to read for your viewpoint (which was much appreciated Marley K.) exemplifies this phenomena especially coming from a liberal white woman who is presumably a professor, author and has claimed allyship with people of color. It wasn’t even cryptic. It was boldly written.

I get the sense that for them, fighting for equality is more like doing us (people of color) a favor.

For many the constitution is akin to the Bible. The commanding appeal in both derives from the authors’ or founders’ intention or perception of just who the chosen people are. The parallels are not accidental. The narrative then weaves its way for charitable heroism for having led the begotten to salvation through their great graces.

I don’t want democrats or liberals doing us any favors I want them to do what is fair and equal for all Americans.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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