It isn’t radical to yell fire when the building is actually on fire.

To say that what I have written here is radical speaks to this fragility and or insouciance in acknowledging this empiral truth. Is it radical because it offends certain sensibilities? Is it radical because there is a history with this collective that ignores or is blind to its part in the ongoing destruction of humanity? Is it radical because I want that to change or smell and see the smoke per se? Is it radical because I call out the existential whiteness that offends and insinuates not only my nonwhite friends and family but also my very own white friends and family who would rather not be racialized but be humanized in a civil society that constitutionally alleges to believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Such deindividuation is harmful to the self as well as to the socially constructed groups.

Instead of finding fault in my words take a look at what you should really believe is radical and wrong…

…that is unequivocally wrong and I don’t need a history lesson on our species’ evolution. What I need to know is why a Trump presidency has or holds such unremarkable value to a collective so hell bent on exclusion, impropriety, and unlawfullness.

What is this value of having Trump serve as President of the United States? Is there some instrumental value to his presidency(and to what end?) Or is there some intrinsic value (embedded in the identitarian crisis) there? There appears substantial amounts of both mixed into the attitudes, behaviors and actions playing out in our country.

America is unlike any other country in the world and in fact it mirrors the world with attributes that contribute to it as well as derive its superpower status. How could our interdependent status become so compromised that it vitiates the American spirit? What could be worth tearing that apart by way of pseudo profound racializations, or unconscionable acts of politicism, and classism?

The vanity and insanity of it all is so disturbing on so many levels.

And in my contemplation, my general notions has led me to this existential sham of an existence embedded in this social construct that impairs our humanity.

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