It may not help to make most Americans aware, but the awareness itself accounts for something. It has helped me, and like you as well as many others who happen to come across our discussion can glean a sense of interdepency from it. It is our hope to spread that benefit of cognizance.

I just finished reading the Mother Jones article that you referenced and it sums up a great deal of what is taking place in our governance. What the Russians indeed unsurprisingly have done as mission accomplished in Donald Trump is an Information Operations warfare tactic to attack democracy in the United States. The model now in use is no different than the model used in Russia as indicated below from the article.

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The lies and the benefit of the doubt that accompanies them reinforces the efficacy of the propaganda.

The Washington Post has called Trump “the most fact-checked politician.” Yet, the RAND research found that pointing out specific falsehoods was an ineffective tool against the propaganda techniques they studied in Russia because “people will have trouble recalling which information they have received is the disinformation and which is the truth.” The researchers acknowledged the challenges that other governments and organizations like NATO have in countering Russian propaganda, and advised against taking on the propaganda messages directly. — Denise Clifton, Mother Jones

This is why I mentioned that these lies work to great effect on supporters whose critical thinking skills are in short supply, lazy, or motivated by ignorance.

Your input is greatly appreciated here Jordan.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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