It seems evident that the popular vote did not count for much, or couldn’t be entrusted with, or didn’t matter much in the last national election. There is quite a bit of truth to this superficially.

But it is not entirely true. Underneath the surface your vote does count and our informed participation in the electorate should ensure that fair representation is accounted for in our governance. What ends up happening is that there are instances where gerrymandering, voter suppression, restrictive voter id, misinformation tactics or lack of information, and inconsistent participation ends up screwing up our vote.

That [popular] vote for president is an advisory one, not a direct vote. The electoral college is to take this into consideration, albeit the rules of their state determines the outcome as winner-takes-all. The 48 states that engage in this fallacy takes the allotted electoral votes of that state and underrepresent the voting minority. So a tight race that has 51% votes coming in dismisses and wipes out the remaining votes just like that?! That’s a lot of votes that get flushed down the toilet. Why? Why not have the electoral college allocate those votes proportionately instead of skewing them by taking them all, this is not exactly how that vote when down nor is it indicative of fair representation at all.

That direct vote is something even I have failed to be consistent with due to factors such as lack of information and very little competition. My participation is lackluster in a political system that has exploited those factors to lessen the impact of my vote. My direct vote could influence legislation (referendums or initiatives) that is on the ballot at that time, and it can be used to appoint certain executive positions directly at the local, state, and federal level of branches of government including senators who then represent my vote in the appointment of federal and judicial positions in government (indirect vote).

Oftentimes this occurs blindly, without much deliberation and debate and we end up getting screwed. The more we can talk about it though the more we learn about the attention to details and better vet our candidates that is oftentime overlooked in lieu of the machinations taking place to conceal intentions and lead to misinformation.

Once this occurs the field of candidates would change due to the precedent that we set as an informed participant in the electorate. The expectation becomes a reality.

Unfortunately we have to collectively become more cognizant about the power of our vote but the game being played now is divide and conquer which has distracted us with the most inane of arguments that enable tribalism and hate over policy and merit that is fair for all.

Thanks for sharing you insight with me Terijo. 😉

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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