It would be hard to imagine the sort of Trump bandwagon being described here on the matter of Omarosa. Maybe the minute crowd of “Blacks for Trump” supporters feels this way but the more visible majority of Blacks simply find Omarosa’s opportunistic qualities treasonous to her own community as well as to her own gender.

I think the real question here is how does the community reconcile her opportunism — her political expedience, if you will — with coming to her intersectional defense in the wake of our despicable leader’s charlantry?

While I can assure you that the agency she provided is, or was, of little to no intrinsic value to the community at large, it is quite preposterous that she should come to rely on said community to simply defend her racially.

This would be a slippery slope because it presupposes that Omarosa’s dalliance with Trump was a “by any means necessary” act of personal freedom and liberty — at the detriment of a whole community that continues to be oppressed, marginalized, and discriminated against.

There are repercussions and consequences for her actions which should not be confused with siding with Trump. In essence it is more telling of just how inept and incompetent Trump is with his malignant narcissism in tow as a leader. That sort of thing is only attractive to other malignant players to his circle of deleterious influence and is conspicuously self-serving.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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