I’ve Said It Before And I’ll Say It Again

The President Can Do Whatever, Say Whatever, And Be Whatever He Wants

As Mueller faces the belief perseverance of his fellow members in the republican party, and attempts to dodge gotcha moments presented also by democrats on the other side during his inquisition or congressional hearing, we are just being re-enlightened again, and again that this president can simply get away with some really bad stuff.

The conclusion of the Mueller report and his respones reinforces that notion as fact.

Please allow me to help you better get a sense as to why this is the case. Let’s say its been a long day after work and I head out of the office building onto 5th Avenue, NYC, heading for the N/R 🚉 subway lines so I can get to NY Penn Station. Outside of the building there is the usual police presence but even more so this time around. All of a sudden a row of black SUVs pull up and it just so happens the president is seen coming out of Trump Tower roughly up the block. Some people clamour to get a peek while others like myself are simply trying to get their commute over with.

The New York Times

I cross the street at designated points not at all caring one bit that the president is in town. Meanwhile the president having been so upset by after watching Muellers’s testimony unfold is visibly upset. He wants everyone to know that he is the president and that warrants a display of obedience and loyalty towards him, much in the way Russia’s Putin or North Korea’s Kim receives. Infuriated he asks to see the gun of his deputy assistant or Director of Oval Office Operations, you know, this guy below…

He hands it to the Boss and Trump belligerently points the gun down 5th Ave. As I cross the designated area a shot is fired. I am hit. The shock of freezing pain suddenly overcomes my body and this paralysis sets in as I lose the motor function to walk and fall to the ground. The repetitious sounds of screams are heard over and over in my head until I hear sirens. 😣My eyes fade to close until I hear “Hey what’s your name, stay with me now, you have been shot”. “Do you have any weapons on you?”🤨

The president at this moment is whisked away by Secret Service and is being told that he is going to an undisclosed location until the threat is neutralized.😟 Trump utters that he wants people to really believe that he is the president and can do whatever he wants — for the American people and for our country. He also states I didn’t want to have to shoot that guy, I didn’t, but I did it for our American people.

Now if this sounds silly to you it really shouldn’t if you been following anything your president has been saying and doing.


Or more recently when he stated..

Then I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President. But I don’t even talk about that because they did a report and there was no obstruction. After looking at it, our great Attorney General read it. He’s a total professional. He said, “There’s nothing here. There’s no obstruction.” So they referenced, “No obstruction.” So you have no collusion, no obstruction, and yet it goes on.


There is nothing to suggest that anything he has done refutes this. Look at his presidential record thus far. Nothing that Trumps says about having the power to do whatever he wants is false. Trump actually has done whatever he wants. What irks him is that you keep warning him or telling him that he can’t do stuff that he wants to do. Which is wholly inaccurate and untrue to this point, because Mueller’s testimony emphatically emphasizes this and for reference he cites the Office of Legal Counsel.

Many within the plutocracy and its sphere of influence have found these gaps or holes in the constitution to their advantage or benefit in exploiting such power. The president does this unabashedly without any sophistication.

Brace yourselves for this rare moment of pause and ask yourself this, “Who’s lying now?” The more you cite the constitution the more you get a sense that this document is bullshit and full of contradictions that serve to only bullshit you. That document for all intents and purposes is meant to give the illusion of democracy which the electoral college begs to differ.

In the Washington Post article a law professor, named William C. Banks at Syracuse University is cited stating this “It’s certainly not a grant of unlimited power,” Banks said. “He’s not a monarch, he’s the chief executive … and he’s bound to uphold the rule of law.”

Nah bruh. Nah.

What Trump says is only an affront to principles and morals, and not to the constitution and its present Congress which apparently does not operate on such values. They uphold the law and the presidency. The professor also cited all the lawsuits Trump faces in federal courts. These can be easily thrown out and some have been trhoen out already. So what? Delays in border wall funding is just that, delays. This happens because of the bureacracy and politics not because the president lacks power.

Immigration reform being stalled is simply politricks not Trump’s lack of power. Why Trump didn’t end up firing Mueller is because of the optics not because he lacked the power to do so. At this point I believe Nixon didn’t have to resign he simply could have challenged the constitution and stayed in office. Trump is rewriting the playbook on this right now. Nixon resigned due to the optics and the House and senate was majority democrat, not because he lacked the power as a sitting president.

Now back to my example. If I managed to live thought the ordeal of being shot by the president then of course my recourse would be to sue the president after he leaves office for negligent homicide but he would not and cannot be charged with attempted homicide — even with all those witnesses — because a sitting president cannot be indicted. it is important to note that this constitutional crisis we are living through is unprecedented.

Congress could and should take action but 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.

The indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions.

Once a different racialized narrative is put out there and they plant and or doctor video of me causing the president to have to shoot me down on 5th Avenue, he will no doubt win reelection. This would delay the any indictment pending for another 4 years or my case might get thrown out. I’d probably lose my job and end up on disability.

However, another law professor named Jessica Levinson from Loyola Law School is cited in Vox stating, “There is nothing in Supreme Court opinions that prevents a sitting president from being indicted. All we have is Department of Justice policy based largely on concerns over separation of powers.”

And yet nothing is being done. Certainly this is playing out in Trump’s favor with the conclusion of the Mueller report.

Another law professor from Stetson University by the name of Ciara Torres-Spelliscy states…“If federal prosecutors refuse to hold the president to the same legal standard as any other citizen, state attorneys general could certainly charge a president with a state crime with sufficient evidence.”

New York State could do that but will they? Unless Governor Cuomo is seeking to be president then I guess they could do something but I would err to the side that he won’t.

It is ultimately up to Congress to do something and so far 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.

[…]there is clear and unadulterated evidence of obstruction of justice which is now seen as political subjectivity, in lieu of blatant evidence-based rhetoric and executive action that indulge the vanity and insanity of whiteness as a form of self-preservation against some imagined invasion and conspired miscegenation towards its erasure.

[…]as long as these men continue to construct the white framing and thus determine the false narratives of our reality, in terms of what justice looks like, the kleptocracy embedded in the social constructs of the United States shall persist. What this presidency exposes is the culmination of how massive the corruption of the past and present Congresses, The Departments of Justice, the Treasury, agents of the CIA, FBI, ICE and Border Patrol, just to name a few, really are. We have seen how the Industrial Media Complex aids and abets this criminality. Obviously, America’s institutions are populated by this racial majority, and the pernicious legacy of its past has much influence on its present. The unscrupulousness of our designated nationalists would be hard pressed to recognize the legitimacy of much needed change.

No rational person of color would accept Mueller’s report as gospel, nor would any rational white persons still out there would be apt to perceive it as such either. We have seen many instances of injustice carried out before our very own eyes without hesitation and without apology, so Why would this be any different? This rash reporting to make the full report public is only distracting. Whatever is in this probe follows the same corruptive framing and narrative to preserve some semblance of a democracy, when in fact it is merely a kleptocracy.

This was not written to be sarcastic, this is entirely based on attitudes and behaviors presented by this presidency and by congress. Don’t make Trump prove to you that he is as powerful as the presidency allows him to be.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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