Jeff Sessions is motivated by ignorance. He is not a rational person and lacks the sort of intelligence to be trustworthy and find solutions for policing.

The Pew Research Center provided data in January of 2017 on how the public and police differ in attitude towards the police homicides of Blacks.

Among the more striking takeaways from these surveys was the very different way the police and the public view the deaths of blacks during encounters with police. Two-thirds of officers (67%) view these fatal encounters as isolated incidents, a view shared by only about four-in-ten Americans (39%).

There are many disconnects between the public perception and police perception. While 83% of Americans say they understand the risk and challenges of police work day in and day out, 86% of police say that we don’t understand the risks they encounter day in and day out.

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Obviously there is racism with the blue wall and it is evident that police training is derived from Jim Crow era policing which casts a pall over the integrity and honor over doing police work.

The premise or tenets behind President Obamas policies were to re-establish that integrity and honor that inherently goes into policing.

In addition to promoting public safety and protecting civil rights, these tenets include promoting “officer safety, officer morale, and public respect for their work” and keeping the “misdeeds of individual bad actors” from undermining the “legitimate and honorable work” done by law enforcement.¹

But Session did away with that because of his whiteness.

I have written about police cuplpability in the crime and violence of America. My ponts apparently were not well received or taken.

If the conduct of police officers are judged based on actions that are “objectively reasonable” by the standards of fellow officers and not the constitutionally reasonable standards of the communities they serve, then this is not sound logic and would certainly encourage complicity in misconduct. Also the wide legal latitude afforded to what is basically at the police officer’s discretion in any given instance is very troubling to say the least and does induce fellow officers to assume the “blue wall of silence” or to dissemble police activity that is counterproductive of law enforcement credibility.

If critics have demonstrably argued that these very same legal standards — that essentially give police officers the license to kill innocent or unarmed people — does ensure their own safety, then this has overtly been for quite some time a slippery slope, and indeed a fallacious argument. It actually can and does give rise to that very same danger of their safety and jeopardizes their credibility. In fact it can put good mindful police officers who serve our communities with the care and due diligence of effective policing in quite a bit of danger. I worry about this because I have family members who are police officers.

Policing needed change and when the change came it was rejected to keep the status quo ante as in antebellum.

This also suggests that police homicides of this type contribute majorly to the cycle of violence and are aided and abetted by the upper echelons of government that espouse institutional callousness. There is no policing the police because of the sincere fictions and false narratives that hide racism in police departments across the nation.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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