Just as there is absolutely nothing religious about Trump, there is absolutely nothing scientific about race. What I am about to say next is only a suggestion, you should do what I do with this annoying inquiry and choose two or more races. 😝. It the most rational answer to an otherwise irrational question providing limited or insufficient choices that is seeking to extrapolate and constitute racial disparities(by equivalence). Confounding this is the ethnicity question that follows or is accompanied by an attempt to elicit or compel a racial determination.

Racialization, in and of itself, makes no sense. You are a byproduct of multicultural or cross-cultural (intercultural) attributes that contribute to the persistence of what is profoundly a singularity — human race. The diversity of genetic material within us contributes to evolutionary survival. This is the essence of human persistence.

Cultures exist only as borrowed hand me downs from other neighboring or intercultural exercises of communication, foraging and discovery that formulate what is cultural diffusion today. Case in point human migration — it is impossible to ignore these facts even though they try to in order to manipulate the masses into believing by race that they are gradations of humanity that exist today that are classifiably differentiated racially.

There is no such thing as a discrete individual. This is a fiction. The boundaries of ‘me’ are fluid and blurred. We are all profoundly linked in countless ways we can hardly perceive. My decision, choices actions are inspired and motivated by others to no small extent. — Spinoza

The very same blurred boundaries apply to cultural or genetic makeup in you and me. I have known recent traces of ethnic African, Asian and European genetic material in my family which shows up in the variations of features we may exhibit visibly. Or they may not even be exhibited visibly due to extended traces of other ethnicities. My grandmother is Indian and my grandfather is Cuban. To stop there would be selling my genetic self short because they were not living in their native territories they had already migrated — my family is thoroughly Jamaican with a preponderance of lovely African genetic material.

Your mix of French, German, Italian and Turkish or Lebanese cultures is a formulation that gives way to striking physical traits that are dominant too, yet there is evidence, albeit as recessive traits, of a Creole background that also lends itself to the beauty of your familial existence. I don’t need to actually see you for myself to know this, I am completely aware of the beauty of humanity in all of its combinative forms.

The way that you and Sherry for example deliberate and debate about race make you both less White to me (stereotypically and as fradulently conditioned) and more human in my restricted assessment. It is my hope as well that you see me as less Black (steretypically and as fraudulently conditioned) and more human just the same. That way we have a whole lot more in common just like myself and Caleb, Dusty, Clay, Terijo, Jack, or Sam. Finding disparaging dissimilarities within the confines of the prevailing social construct for racial, sexual, or gender warfares — all for the sake of segregation or divisiveness in an effort to exclude or oppress — is nonsensically evil or otherwise stupid (like trolling for example).

Even though the census taking highlights racial disparities it is not at all indicative of the benefits of human diversity. Forcing us to choose, and in most instances defaulting us to sides for their sociopolitical, racial, sex, class warfare is outright intellectual negligence.

H. Nemesis Nyx, I appreciate you sharing this so much. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about your genetic lineage and insightful introspection on race.

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