Just do you! Laura, I not only applaud you for sharing this piece I also recommend it as a show of your sisterhood and bravery for not having acquiesced to white privilege, nor its framing. I am not in the least surprised that you find acceptance, comfort, and strength among beautiful strong black women. I don’t know where the presumption comes from that there wouldn’t be a lot to learn and experience by being a part of your sorority. They set an example of community spirit in the face of adversity while keeping pride intact.

You seem genuine in your embrace of the Black perspective without reservation and without the usual exploitative fanfare that is usually seen and expected from your experience.

I can’t wait to read your blog on the ridiculous notion of “reverse racism”. It is really hard to imagine how such sentiments could be given much credence as there is no socioeconomic benefit nor advantage that could arise from such a stance. That ridiculous notion would more so placate those whites and their ardent preservation of privilege and inequality under the social construct of race. It is simply a weak excuse to promote segregationist views. It is also a crass effort to dismiss and distort black pride as a vengeful movement by negating the psychosomatic relief it provides for a population that continues to reel from generations of institutional discrimination and racism.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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