Just musing around this pointed but remarkable observation here veganelder.

In my observations of the male white-self, there is a stream of consciousness that is summarily a modality of egocentric bias that leans solipsistic in their collective worldview.

Solipsism becomes pseudo-profound when you can acknowledge and grasp a perspective of the interdependence of your own humanity.

The manifestation of this logic rears its uglyhead in the dominant framing or patriarchy espoused and is encouraged by notions inspired by this fraudulent social construct in that “they got a good thing going here so why spoil it” perversion of humanity.

We are all seemingly complicit in that our objections — seen in feminism, resistance to racism, supremacism, gender bias — to such pathology serves as a justification, albeit falsely, that we are merely a figment of their imagination. So it becomes a zero-sum game of sorts.

An instance of this from my purview, is the extension of this conflicted white-self playing out between Russian and American foreign policy. Apparently no other nation seems to matter more diplomatically than them, even though other nations verifiably have nuclear weapons at their disposal.

Again just musing…

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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