Kanye Is Technically Not A Genius Though, But He Is Remarkably And Relatively Lucky

This commentary was originally in response to a piece written by William Spivey which I found to be a very concise clapback to Kanye West’s infamous calling out of the Bush Administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

The piece should provoke some degree of thought and I openly applaud this. To further those points though we should disabuse ourselves from this one constant about Kanye West — that he is some musical genius. We should all agree that this is hyperbole and wholly irrelevant.

This moniker oftentimes over-rewarding or overreaching seemingly grants an unearned license into other unrelated subject areas that warrant a plausible degree of general knowledge and expertise.

Oftentimes wealthy people confuse their luck with having a narrowly high sense of self-worth that usually results in being shallow-stricken with excessive narcissism, not knowing enough that their circumstances are highly attributable to: the perpetuance of their luck; their unrelenting preoccupation in a singular interest; and their narrow escapes from the negative trappings within a social construct and its external locus of control.

Furthermore, music is subjective. Talent in music is also highly subjective. That alone should not qualify West for statesmanship anymore than the inherited riches of buy and hold real estate bequeathed qualifies Trump for statesmanship.

Herein lies the luck and or the rub. The narcissistic supply of both of these gentlemen perpetuates the luck in ways that glaringly provides a copious benefit of the doubt. It also reinforces in them a solipsistic worldview of others that is both egocentric and dangerous.

Of course their celebrity coincides with great timing and perfect sociopolitical conditions in its malignant manifestations. As I have said before, the country itself is in a willful degenerative state and I am never shy about cognitively exposing that combined with the theoretical deficits of their intuition and mental capacity.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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