Are we to presume that America is now in need of a Black Savior or more aptly a Magical Negro, again?

Not sure why the author is wondering where Mr. Obama is when in all likelihood Magary shared in the delight of seeing him disappear.

Why does the author pray tell even care when back in 2013, while writing for GQ he put out a listicle placing the former president at 17 of least influential people for that year. 🤨

Apparently there are no saviors to be found in the cultural milieu of Making America Great Again. Left to their very own devices of callousness and PC apathy we find ourselves lost at sea with a lunatic captain who couldn’t tell you where the stern of the ship is much less navigate our country through uncharted waters and rough seas.

Well the story unfolding under this administration will have to do without the magical services of Mr. Obama serving to redeem, fix, or minimize the discomfort of white guilt and lead the American people such as Magary and the like toward mystic salvation.

I suspect my commentary will go over the heads of many…unsurprisingly.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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