Laughing at these fools Marley K. is an adequately correct response.

The charity of whiteness extolled by these fools is merely an attempt to perpetuate their virtue signaling having derived unearned and unqualified gains from the oppression, marginalization, corruption, colonization and exploitation of people of color. This sophistic reasoning serves more to sustain whiteness within their flock. It is a weak observation to make and an unsound justification of their undeserved standing in an existential world they fraudulently constructed to mollify white guilt.

There is an overlooked recurring theme about the AIDS epidemic both in the United States and in the continent of Africa, and that is the disproportionate effect. What white supremacy effectively does is intensify inequality in ways that exacerbate vulnerabilities to human disease. The use of false narratives that associates and posits Africans to own up to a human disease is an absurdity. There was pressure worldwide to confront a looming human threat — which includes them as part of the human race. It would be no different than the bird flu epidemic in which many humans of different races contributed to its study and resolve.

Again the narratives that dehumanize people of color are always perpetuated by whiteness to maintain the racial hierarchy.

What they can take full credit for is the invention of socially destructive racial disparities among mere humans.

At too many times in our history, whites made choices assuming that without maintaining our whiteness we will lose our power, privilege, and status. Or whites believed that if we give more power to people of color the benefits of our white skin color would be devalued. Too many of us who are white were socialized to believe that with racism we gain and with the end of racism we lose.

But as we look back at our history we see our white power and privilege has come at great emotional and spiritual cost to us as white people. We have an identity that is limited to our power and privilege. We live in a fearful, controlling and often violent society. We have no useful ways of affirming being white — apart from saying we are not a person of color. We experience the “twoness” and contradiction of our freedom and the oppression of people of color. Our power has put us in “wrong relationship” with people of color. Above all we have never achieved recognition of the common humanity of all Americans. — Rev. Dr. William J. Gardiner

That said by one of their own, I too echo similar sentiments and will never, ever, recognize any tainted or contaminated achievement by whites as they put it towards the advancement of civilization. NEVER.

I have added that quote to my original piece thanks to you.😉

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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