Let me start with this. Woke people of color, of whom are deemed to be racially non white, have been instigating a revolution that this country desperately warrants for a variety of reasons that stem from white supremacist ideology embedded in the constitution.

We now have a Ceasarian president who has the Supreme Court and the federal court systems compromising democracy in ways that people have yet to realize. We now have a legislature that ignores or refuses to do anything “necessary and proper” for the people, not just for the white people of the U.S.

The top law enforcement agency in the land (DOJ) headed by William Barr a lackey for Trump has made it evidently clear that the agency will act to protect only the president and will act egregiously in accordance. The FBI still sees no real urgency to view white nationalism as domestic terrorism — at least not in the way it saw the Black Panthers and their right to bear arms— a direct response to that of a callous government — as a national threat. And Homeland Security agency seems to have only been created to target only one non white groups.

The final version of the strategy focuses overwhelmingly on Islamic terrorism and includes a paragraph about “other forms of violent extremism,” including racially motivated extremism, militia groups and environmentalist extremists, with no specific mention of white supremacists.

The report comes after FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress last month that almost as many domestic terror arrests were made as international terror arrests in the first three quarters of the fiscal year, adding that most of those arrests involved white supremacists.

All of this immorality coming from this administration calls for a revolution and anything short of this is lip service to provide cover for white supremacy.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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