LOL it is a conundrum to say the least. Most have reasoned that the reasons are purely opportunistic and self-serving, while others consider it to be based on “conservative values” rooted in self-dependency. While both rationales terribly stigmatizes conservatism as misplaced Darwinism, it is devoid of basic moral truths. As a realist I find it very odd that such values which are predicated on communal spirit (buy-in) is instead misinterpreted as individualistic drive.

But perpetuating extreme forms of capitalism has a way of distorting the premise and resulting outcomes. For instance it is impossible for rich people to exist without a substantial subjugated underclass to prop them up, yet many think that it is vice versa. Or another example is that there can be no racialized white group without there being a racialized black group which omits mere culturally distinct human existence or humanity. Unfortunately, this is the basis of our fallacious social construct.

I suppose Senator McCain’s own mortality is contributing to his profound wisdom on this particular vote.

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