LOL MarieG, every tiny bit of that 12 year old Scotch helps with this guy in office, and by the time we get to midterm elections I would have already entered AA meetings for recovery.

But wait, OMG!, that’s if this is still covered under health insurance.


But this would be considered a pre-existing condition and therefore under this administration’s AHCA repeal and replace proposal I would not be eligible.

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To answer your question MarieG, “I wonder if hatred and xenophobia still trump healthcare?!? Yes. Yes they do.

Side note: By the way AA is not the only effective treatment and one should not assume that this is the only “one size fits all” treatment for alcohol addiction, there are other proven, in randomized, controlled studies alternatives that can be just as effective or can work in conjunction with the 12 steps program. But I digress.

The idea to improve ACA is lost on many republicans because among other stupid reasons, they like the idea of Americans paying higher deductibles or premiums because they view this as having “skin in the game”. (Zero sum game fallacy component) This is wayward capitalism speak which ignores the cannibalizing effect that inherently comes with this Ayn Rand thought process.

The protocol under Obamacare calls for its improvement throughout its stages of implementation. A well functioning healthcare program of this size and nature cannot be reasonably fashioned in one fell swoop on a populace like ours. To think that, you would undermine the very thing you are trying to do — which allegedly is to improve upon and make healthcare accessible and affordable to those who need it. That’s why it would be more efficient to just focus on improving the ACA insurance exchanges and try to limit them from opting out for actuarial risk. This only sounds complex but it isn’t, it takes bipartisan support and awareness by constituents.

Again, I will try to apply what I have learned from Caleb in our discussions about wasting time and energy trying to refute lies and just stick to the truth here as a more effective method of resistance to authoritarianism and its ways of oppression.

According to a Harvard Business Review article on policy…

True health care reform will happen when care is redesigned around the patient, not the doctor or hospital; when the financial incentives reward better health outcomes rather than hospital beds filled; and when the consumer has access to information to make good choices.

This notion is being stripped away from us behind closed doors to feed libertarian ideology, a conservative bent that healthcare reform should be designed around the market that serves it. That would essentially make it not consumer-driven though. Again we are talking about healthcare here, so this notion would make it unfathomably counterproductive to truly consider. There are examples of insurance companies (for profit companies) dictating your care and the hospitals and doctors acquiescing to those demands. This leaves the patient in an ever increasing precarious or perilous medical situation and would essentially narrowly define the market to those who could afford good treatment. Therefore if you can’t afford coverage, its your own fault for not succeeding in life, and therefore you deserve to die. Since it would be illegal to just have you die like that the consequential effect of hospitals and doctors trying to make up for their losses is by raising the costs of even the most trivial of care and treatment. Again this is how our healthcare should work under the current regime.

Healthcare ensures that we have a healthy environment and thus a civil society, a productive economy, and a standard quality of life. I am not sure why there is this compassion to try and destroy that. ACA or Obamacare is working, the politicians we entrust to work on policies just need to follow through on its implementation.

Figures from the Census Bureau show that between the start of 2014, when the major provisions of the law went into effect, and the end of 2015, the percentage of Americans without insurance fell from 14.2 per cent to 9.1 per cent. That drop of 5.1 percentage points is the largest on record. Among groups that the Affordable Care Act particularly targeted, such as poor families and non-elderly adults, the numbers have been even more dramatic.

Yes, my analysis might be wordy but it is always an effort to introduce the truth and I always appreciate your replies Marie as they serve as encouragement to continue to stick to the truth.

  • I may take parts of this post and make a separate piece of it in the future.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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