Lol @ “shoot your arrows, I can take it…” I am shocked that you would expect that type of verbal impaling for making what seems to be a putative analytical statement on Pence, but likening him to the Taliban is a bit much.

It is quite a bit of a stretch in drawing to a Pence/Taliban conclusion and the reason being is that most would conclude that it is a false equivalence in degree, location, and scope in fundamentalism. The Taliban and their lack of plurality coupled with a troubling neurotic equilibrium contributes to their violent hysteria and anxiety with an extremely religious identification. Like ISIL, they gain much of their resolve by a perceived threat to an extremely radical existentialism, in which they are energized and mobilized to fight for and defend under the pretext of survival. They fail to recognize that this is not necessary at all, and are quite ignorant of any alternative for peace from without as well as within their specific cultural purview. This lack of self-awareness as a group is alarming to say the least.

Pence however, is a politician whose religiosity may seem alarming too, but it does not pose the kind of disruption or threat we see from the Taliban. The U.S. is a plurality and I assure you that the difference of opinions, along with established democratic principles (rational deliberation and debate as seen here) prevent him from fully acting on any neurosis he may harbor. President Trump is precisely the ying to his yang.

The dialogue here with Caleb Ramsby stems from how aghast we are of a White House administration that seems mired in contradiction towards democratic principles and seemingly prides itself on motivated ignorance. Unbelievably, our leaders draw on a hodgepodge of ahistorical conceptions to formulate absurd stances and propositions.

The 2016 national elections is not just a travesty in general, it is a black swan (event) that is deserving of being targeted by multiple arrows.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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