Loyal To An Injuriously Lost Cause In Trump

Part 2 of “What are they planning to do with US”

graphic from CNN Politics

“It is important to note that these minors are very well taken care of — don’t believe the press,” — DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

How does she not know when she should know?

Especially with all that privileged education and privileged networking? Nielsen and the like have an agential insensitivity that is unconscionable. That insensitivity to the truth about the president’s actions and directives is cultivated, and they are very much committed to this cult of Donald Trump.

What disturbs me most about all of this, is how Trump’s supporters use the principle of ‘how much do you add to society’ as a metric for qualifying to exist. — Caleb Ramsby

What is more to the point that Caleb has correctly described in this subjective metric being proscribed for an immigration policy is the apparent ease and underhandedness that has already been transcribed over to its current citizenry by determining who is subject to entitlement programs and how much is granted.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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