M mm mmm! You have been on a tear lately Marley. I hope this righteous frustration with white liberals who thoroughly control the Democratic party with their unwavering Black support gets your message. It is one that hasn’t been getting through to them for all of the same reasons you have pointed out in this piece.

As the only alternative or last resort the Democratic party has shown this consistency with making our votes count only when tallied but not in the congressional seats they happen to obtain with them.

Due to this social construct (of racializations) and semblance of a democracy we are under the illusion that we have choices when in fact we never had the white equivalent of an impactful choice or vote, one that would approximately represent the life and death concerns of our community and economic security.

Instead Democrats have always found subtle or demonstrative ways of extorting the Black vote, then when they get it they end up sleeping with our enemy.

The challenge here is to first expose this problem for what it truly is and resist the powers that be. The choice you are presented with in any presidential election is nothing more than a take it or leave it vote. The two party system will not and does not work for the changing demographics of a population this size and more importantly of this disposition.

Instead of preparing for anarchy and civil war it would behoove the non white majority which can includes skin-deep whites that overstand that their so-called identitarian race represents nothing but an immoral, deadly, and harmful scheme that sanctions violence, debasement and inequality amongst mere humans. This majority needs to recognize that it is time for a new political party to upstage both the republican and democratic parties that have had a monopoly on our democratic republic. (See what I did there)

A party that is truly progressive and runs on the premise of equality — applicable and appropriate for economic, immigration, healthcare, domestic and foreign policy making.

Now with the ideas we have expressed on Medium and that has been upheld by many of the readers here, could you and I realistically run as potential running mates — it doesn’t matter to me which one of us is President or Vice President — to lead this party and make America what it ought to be?

I mean Trump ran and won didn’t he?!?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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