Many continue to offer specious arguments about the risk reward of serving under a malevolent and inept administration. They feel justified in their fallacious reasoning that a careerist politician like AG Barr actually legitimates the Trump administration and therefore even-keels the ship. These ill-conceived notions sufficiently reveals how this contingency of motivated ignorance with belief insensitivity in tow, act on and are drawn to the baser instincts of Donald Trump, which many obviously share no matter how credentialed and regardless of party affiliation.

To beg the question “Why Barr, a career professional would risk his reputation?” is as invalidating as it is irrelevant an argument to make.

Is it not possible to conceive of someone who is wealthy and stupid at the same time? Can someone be proud-fully trapped in being poor? Can a clergyman be spiritual yet covetous? Can someone be a snobbish anti-intellectual?

Humanity has come a long way and there is much to appreciate and a plethora of knowing that shouldn’t be taken for granted, but yet most insist on doing just the opposite. Since the blind is truly leading the blind in our country, I can conceptualize and fully grasp how the baser instincts of fascist societies brought ruin and depravity alike to the masses through some faux identity expressed as nationalism.

I can now fully grasp how German and non-Germans alike contemplated a “Final Solution” and carried out a deplorable course of actions that culminated WWII. I can now see how the vanity and insanity of tribalistic laws and violent acts of terrorism in the United States could legitimate a concept as diabolical as slavery.

The baser instincts of Donald Trump (and his in-group) that has pervaded the stream of consciousness in America today, and decidedly as a collective, under the fear and loathing of others, are preemptively seeking to purge our society of those who are considered disloyal to the president and thus the country in their faulty framing and false narrative.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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