Many of us have formulated this strange friendhip in our heads with Black celebrities when in fact had it not been for their fame most of us would not have any inclination to be such friends.

The dismay and disappointment we feel seems a bit overdone when we see displays of sociocultural abandonment or cultural insensitivity from more than just a few Black male celebs who have seemingly adopted this Black capitalist "Stepin Fetchin" worldview infused with the kind of misogyny that the white patriarchy would always be willing to compensate them for. It is their enthusiastic opportunism that.

The CWBA or the platinum plan are supposed to be newer more inclusive versiond of the New Deal which left out callously and pursposefully left out Black Americans This good --if those plans were really democratically put by us first. But since they are just running with it as if they know best then why wouldn't we seem so ungrateful to their cause?

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