Marley K., it is indeed this misconception that whiteness will have to save us that obfuscates the fact that whiteness must actually save itself. The identitarian self-conflict that evinces whiteness has and will continue to turn humanity agaisnt itself — we will all lose.

McConnell and his ilk portray a sense of innocence and this is by design simply to disguise the fraudulent privilege they exercise daily, as if invisible. This phenomena of motivated blindness is akin to the fable “The Emperor‘s New Clothes”.

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All one needs to do is swap the words naked for stupidness and this tale becomes a living reincarnation of that fable. The subjects in the background who admire the emperor’s new clothes invoke a pluralistic ignorance that is distinctively characterized by their identitarian whiteness.

What makes whiteness effectively bemusing is that none of them (individually) actually believe they are superior, but they all think that everyone in their ingroup as well as some outside of their fictionalized race — that has been colonized or acculturated — believes them to be superior and therefore privileged and entitled to behave and project that superiority.

Oh the vanity and insanity of it all.

There are too many examples of this but one that comes to mind is the aptly named movie Hidden Figures. Or if I may when it it comes to major sports. In private, under the socialized circumstances of oppression, how could they beleive that they are superior when in fact we have disproven that myth each and every time. In fact we are more than just equal, we have evolved into a resistant strain of persistence in humanity.

This will be written into my next piece.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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