Marley K., you make some very good points that I could expound upon and it is very thought-provoking for an opinion writer. While many will simply see our deliberation and debate as like-minded exchanges in niceties, we are actually respectful of our differences. I also want to acknowledge what we oftentimes overlook and take for granted: our varying degrees of interdependence.

It isn’t far-fetched to presume that this nation’s true shadow government has been the Evangelical base of support be it from Democrats or Republicans. The “separation of church and state” thing is a misnomer. A long running conflict of interest that reveals itself in contradictory fashion. For example every president seems to have the same prerequisite as a christian, married man. There will never be a single, female, atheist running this country, due to the fear of this nation, under God, falling.

Please save some of those antacids for me. 😉

This is all part of a historical fiction replete with parables intended to hold captive an audience or govern persuasively. This is so effective that many aspects of this particular religion has been codified in some form as law. The rule of law is quite subjective and its due process is precarious at best.

Due process has also been frequently interpreted as limiting laws and legal proceedings so that judges, instead of legislators, may define and guarantee fundamental fairness, justice, and liberty.

Here is an aspect of the system that contributes to your disillusion. Most of the state court judges are elected to the bench, regardless of skill or proficiency, and rarely based on judicial performance. Some can simply run advertisements and win with little qualification. This is accomplished via wayward populism or an uninformed electorate fueled by resentment that benefits from voter suppression tactics of the undesirable minority groups. Again, very effective under the vanity and insanity of whiteness.

This is why I urge and encourage many who read my articles to participate in your governance by voting whether your candidate wins or loses. There is such a thing as voter recalls and special elections called if the candidate does not perform in a fair and impartial manner or flat out misrepresents the public by infringing on the rights and freedoms of others by putting their in-groups first.

Public demand for accountability is necessary to check these politicians.

And it starts with our participation at every conceivable level. We can actually make this convenient enough to be an accessible public accommodation if we wanted to. It may seem time consuming or a waste of time but it really isn’t because you are inevitably consumed by the injustice and incompetence from not participating anyway. The misinformation and disinformation is so rampant that a full and accurate polling would lead to better validation, attestation, corroboration, and substantiation of results.

It is however, rather unfortunate that we are conditioned in such a way that we defeat the purpose. Our education system is unequal, substandard, and insufficiently laid out, hence this uninformed and very ignorant majoritarian democracy. For those of us that are receptive and can admit or concede to this fact with courage and honesty this is a first step to wanting to change it for the better — unselfishly I might add.

We simply have to unlearn the negative aspects of our existential American lives.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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