Marley, unfortunately money tends to be the only motivating factor in the survivability of most relationships. When you are brought up in the entrapment of poverty an incentivized proposal for marriage or togetherness seems to be the only way out.

My previous relationship which was a long test drive as Sherry would put it, over time devolved and became more status driven. It mattered more about the size of the house lived in and the type of cars driven and less about the pursuit of an enriching life which included building wealth to pass down or having a sense of financial security. Even though I made presentations about these things: had investment clubs and attempted entrepreneurial pursuits, this was done all by myself. And when these things didn’t pan out the relationship lacked luster and this was something she projected unto our union.

This is rather insulting for any man or woman to admit when the reason they fell in love in the first place had nothing to do with material wealth. The relationship was predicated on having a complement not about receiving compliments. When those compliments trickled our complement faded becoming only superficial and vague.

Living in an existential reality tv show of a life here in the states is a challenge for any relationship.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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