😳Marleyisms on Cory Booker? Why of course there would be!😁

I was waiting for this review to pop up on my dash. As always Ms. Marley K., it is a pleasure reading such insightful conclusions drawn from substantial research.

Senator Cory Booker can best be described as taking to wherever the wind blows in politics. (There is some good in that actually) Cory Booker is a careerist politician and has made a certain remarkable sacrifice in his initial foray into politics starting with residing in Brick Towers. However, although the poor, underserved, downtrodden, and unfortunate people do make up the vast majority of our country, they are not the only types of constituents that public servants have to contend with. The higher you rise in political altitude, those faster unobstructed winds of influence can take you much farther.

That said it should not be surprising that Senator Booker has made some controversial decisions that warranted the concerns that you laid out. But the system in and of itself is a pay to play game with zero sum ramifications.

Look at this excerpt of how this sort of conditioning has contributed to shaping Booker’s views and perspectives on inequality as it converges with his politics.

Booker notes that his own parents, who are African American, essentially had to pose as a white couple to purchase a house in a predominantly white neighborhood in 1969. They had a white couple put in the offer on the house, but Booker’s parents then showed up to the closing. (Booker recounts this story in greater detail in an episode of Vox’s show on Netflix, Explained).

“I know the difference it meant for my family to be able to buy that house and accrue that wealth,” he says. “I know the Herculean things they had to do to get into that neighborhood.”

The same can be said of Senator Kamal Harris and her dalliances with being a State Attorney General, or being the sidechick for Mayor Willie Brown, and on becoming Senator to ultimately wanting to be president of the United States. Should becoming president of the United States — with all that power as Trump showcases — for them in particular be the redeeming point that corrects inequality, corrects healthcare, corrects immigration, corrects institutional callousness, corrects racialization which ultimately corrects our democratic course? Or better yet will we be willing to allow them to redeem their past political and social transgressions with our votes?

The same will be said and then asked of you and I if we decided to run. 🤔🤭 It is unavoidable and compulsory to pay to play and it is completely by design. In order to capture the perfect candidate there would have to be this complete redesign of this system beforehand.

The best question to ask of these candidates is what would they do to redeem what we have come to highlight as regrettable actions or actions that are injurious regardless of what facile good was intended or necesary evil in order to effect an overall good?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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