Mind has been made. It is for the greater good and for a better precedent going forward. That is what upholds the integrity of the justice system. Laws are simply a matter of precedent.

Fairfax’s case (do not presume he is guilty), if even the proceedings even gets that far, would be a publicized process that deters or conditions us from engaging in behaviors that are contrary to our interdependence — remember we need to start treating each other better as humans.

Unfortunately, we need to acknowledge that racialization taints everything and it contaminates the mind — often in favor of the socially dominant group or in sowing more disccord between racialized or within those same groups.

When facts and parity is on your side it can and does overwhelm those with corrupt and biased sensibilities. We just seem to be choosing one of two sides when there is a third that benefits all sides.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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