Mis-ter Crawford, once again you allow your irritableness to get the best of you, so much so that you ramble off about what you perceive is our problem when you fail to notice that you are essentially the problem. That sort of denialism comes from being set in your ways. Not very progressive of you.

Actually the pseudo-profoundly disproportionate influence, wealth and power that white men have on either side of the aisle stems from being set in their terribly autocratic, chauvinistic, and delusionally racialized ways.

Even if we share that we are not on the side of right wing conservatism and bigotry your discomfort with us not going along with the Democrats’ program or not deferring to the likes of you makes it so discomforting to your troubled soul.

Your framing of what you are reading from myself and Marley K. is incorrect. You are inaccurately portraying us as self-defeating when in all comprehension we are acting in accordance with our Constitutional Rights.

You keep using the lesser of two evils analogy as if it is a plausible argument when it is weak and irrelevant.

The lesser of two evils can be akin to the choice of slavery or Jim Crow era laws, both untenable and unacceptable, and thus both instances of dehumanization and inequality has been amended by the very same resistance to the lesser of two evils in us that you are complaining about.

It can be also said that not choosing either lesser of two evils has led to more robust protection of free speech than was previously held, as in before the 1960s. Do you know anything about the Sedition Act? Well if you do and you should, this administration’s war on the media seems to harken back to those times when constitutional protections weren't fully developed.

Today the constitution still needs work and our system of elections is not fully developed. You keep harping on and on about Republicans winning elections when in fact they have been gerrymandering them or relying on an impaired electoral college system that serve preferential geographic locations more so than the popular vote to decide presidential elections — which has little to nothing to do with fair and democratic elections. If the republicans love it and the democrats don’t seem to mind it then am I just suppose to go along with the lesser of both evils in this case being the democrats’ insouciance about something that has had serious implications?

By your logic we would then be acting as stupid people associating ourselves with a stupid party — a party that not only generates a loss on groups that support the party with votes but generates an overall loss to itself in the process. Do you realize how stupid this has been?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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