Mixed Signals Everywhere

It’s misconceptions are plentiful

We’ve become way too complacent with racist microagressions that many hollywood folks have made quite a comedic living off of the marginalization and oppression whites inflict to secure their entitlement and privilege in this ongoing socialization project. It’s not funny. And I’m not trying to get over it nor get used to it. That is sending mixed signals.

Corporations that defend or pretend that they respect and embrace diversity yet allow and use compensation and job security to help them embellish whatever equality and anti-discrimination practices that are actually rife with microagressions in these corporations.

Let’s face it racism is a lucrative side hustle for coporations across the U.S.

Corporations throw pittances at civil rights organisations for the racism they promote and perpetuate in while silencing these organizations. Further exploiting the labor of their own minority employees and whatever government incentives received from making such donations. That is sending mixed signals.

How is it that the cannabis industry seems exclusive to whites when those Blacks who have been incarcerated by selling and distributing the same are not even represented. Mixed signals or better yet a clear signal here!

At-will employment sends a mixed signal when clearly the most affected group from this legalized trickery of non-recourse are brown and black folk. The plutocratic collusion presents a nuanced form of servitude — non-binding indentured servants.

Media from the NYTimes to the WSJ, and MSNBC to Fox News all profit from racism. I believe they have seen a boon in profit from Trump’s time in office in unprecedented terms. They play a huge role in informing the public of the cultural norms of racism and prejudice with sterotypes and racist misinformation. They are the biggest disseminators of mixed signalling based on giving credence to enforced social constructs.

If they are not profiting from it they are certainly perpetuating it with mixed signals.

Even the occurrence of biraciality has offered up some mixed signaling. Mixed race children are not going to solve racism. They are neither a solution nor a future utopian ideal. They are merely human resulting from human activity. These notions to the contrary serve only to complicate matters further by adding a dimension of complexity that either sympathizes with or apologizes for the social contructs derived under whiteness. The biracial are alleged or assumed to be mediators of race and we were supposed to see this with the election of the first and probably last non white president of the United States. Mr. Obama, however has seen more rejection inwardly from both sides. Outwardly, the former president has been rejected more by his white side.

All of this placating to any side or racial identity is a complete waste of time, energy, and space, not to mention humanity. You are human first and will decease that way last.

By the way the more plausible reason why most Blacks would reject someone with dual identity is because any negotiation between white and Black would undoubtedly be unacceptable due to the inherent sensibilities involved leading to some feeling of betrayal or another. Therefore a negotiation of any sort would surely conclude a zero sum outcome and always portend a continuation of unequal terms. Whites on the other hand may find it charitable of their race or outright treasonous — hence the vanity and or insanity.

Biraciality as a construct perpetuates dimensionalities of racism in the high-yellow, redbone, lighter-skin stereotypes which again results in a plethora of gaslighting — racial identity stoking from both whites and Blacks. Mixed signals are sent everywhere with the perceived access and treatment in accordance to the racial heirarchy — its standard of beauty attributed to the white race — that seek to differentiate their existence as fellow humans.

Mixed signals are making it nearly impossible for us to have substantive conversation about healing ourselves from the inhumanity we face.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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