Mr. Bob Atkinson here is a way better idea, Why consider yourself white at all? That would seem to resolve your personal issue surrounding what amounts to a fallacious nonconforming identitarian racialization. Why use such a lazy, inaccurate descriptor for yourself? Why not be what you were conceived to be, which is human first? You will certainly expire as human last.

All racial descriptors are epithets that inspire deindividuation and groupthink ideology. You should look those two terms up and not act like you know what it means. Just like you thought you comprehended my article. Instead you decontexutalized and cherry picked it to fit your irrelevant retort.

It is way more complicated than your oversimplification of “class” being the problem.

Once again you are claiming some absurd innocence to the scandalous privilege and unearned fraudulent entitlement expected based on your raciality. And if you really believe that America’s problem is rooted in just “class” as you say instead, then you are simply intransigent about being sold a bill of goods. Did you not realize that on that bill is this tentative basic access to education, and medical care and that really good guaranteed access to what should encapsulate a right and not merely a form of segregation would have to come at a premium that extends beyond whiteness and into socioeconomic class?

I will cite something you should read in its entirety only because you seem to be on the right track. First of all, even if you think it doesn’t exist, white privilege should not be working for you. What we (non whites) consider as your privilege may not be working so well for you for a number of reasons outside of it simply being an illusion that gives the impression that what was proffered by an aristocracy that created these callous institution will be better than what is profferred to non whites. Here is an excerpt that you should read in its entirety titled “How White People Got Made” by Quinn Norton.

So privilege doesn’t really work for the people who have it, or at least not the way many people imagine it does. Some white privileges are basic human rights, like the right to live where you wish in safety from your neighbors and the local police. Others shouldn’t be privileges for anyone at all, like preferred medical treatment based on race. White privilege is sold to whites, but it is the socio-political equivalent of putting “Contains No Arsenic!” on a breakfast cereal box. White folk have bought into that message tremendously. I mean, who wants a breakfast cereal with arsenic in it? Of course, the problem is there’s no reason cereal should ever have arsenic in it in the first place.

Just to keep things plausible, the political arsenic keeps getting introduced into the metaphorical food supply. Perpetual bondage as chattel slaves, Jim Crow, and the current drug war are things terrible enough that white people are happy to accept getting out of them, and into a failed health insurance system, outrageous levels of military spending, failing schools for their children, and even actual arsenic in their food supply. The idea that people should be denied rights because of an organizing principle of 17th century aristocratic control baffles conception, even as it shapes our practical and political lives on a daily basis. It is to the political benefit of the existing system to keep whites, especially poor whites with little more than their whiteness to be proud of. It makes for a predictable political group. Whites thus managed will vote and flock to issues as reliably as tides. — Quinn Norton, How White People Got Made

So spare me your ahistorical take on America, you can’t fool me with it.

And P.S., I also don’t need your permission, nor am I looking for your consent or approval with my articles. That would be quite vain and insane of you to even think that and then actually write it down as a response.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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