Mr. Crawford , I don’t know what’s gotten into you. To reduce the “winning ways of Trumpian politics” as you see it because the Democratic party lacks loyalty in contrast to Republican party’s immoral fealty, is an oversimplification that plays into the status quo…which is why we are in this recurring sociopolitical crisis of inequality and its pervading corruption anyway.

Do you think that reverse-ageism has gotten the best of you?

As you should know age and likewise experience is relative. No one stopped Mark Zuckerberg from running a billion dollar enterprise because he was young and inexperienced, however, he received the benefit of the doubt in support based on a valid premise in the founding of his business model. He sniped at having to rely on traditional modes of how we connect and communicate. So such criticism is irrelevant then, as it is now.

But let’s stick to politics. Josh Hawley is the youngest member of the U.S. Senate, and he has not received nearly as much criticism from media, nor his own party for his age and inexperience — even though they too grumble about this under their breath. Hawley’s absurd reasoning for human trafficking is because of the women’s liberation movement in the 60’s. But yet media has made little to no mention of how inane this is. Then he blamed it on Hollywood culture.

By the way old and young alike believe the earth is flat and that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, simply because they don’t question or snipe rather at tribal beliefs from those revered as stereotypically wise.

His more infamously ignorant quote in support of Trump’s trade tariffs against China is not based on any empiricism, just jingoism.

“It’s a trade war that China started. If we’re in a war, I want to be winning it.”

I would say that Hawley has taken after his forebears who regard tribalism as a concept that suggests there is something legitimate about zero-sum reasoning in their just-world theorizing, that so happens to play into supremacist ideology and foments inequality. I guess these are good things to have in a human society that is wholly interdependent in the tangible and intangible meaning of our existence and persistence.

Political parties in a legitimate democracy do not ignore historical precedents of collapse and failure, nor do they compromise on evidence-based conclusions that would improve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all constitutents. To debate and deliberate is an inherent part of the political process, but collusion and corruption is not, and should not inveigle our citizenry as one nation.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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