Mr. Mohammed Iqbal Degia, I echo your sentiments on this issue, an issue that we have both spoken on respectively, but yet is typically followed by a deafening spiral of silence in commentary or response to our contributing opinions. I enjoyed reading this and will share this with a few of my fellow Bajan buddies to get their perspective. I have to forewarn you that they are going to trace me off for giving them something this lengthy to read. Not many can appreciate a good read like myself.

I think we should be careful in how we attribute the abolition of slavery to merely an economic condition as it not only oversimplifies the malevolence of it but it can negate the preceding weight of the willful imposition of social hierarchy and its motivated ignorance, as if it could possibly be excused away in certain parlance.

That motivated ignorance has been learned and taken up as an insensitive belief in the governance of Caribbean islands with such a storied past of slave rebellions and seeking independence. One never seriously questioned why reparations and restitution were never sought after? Why this hasn’t been brought to bear in international courts? Instead the World Bank and IMF engage in a Third World socioeconomic redlining to reinforce that hierarchy with stipulations similar to the sort of racialized and class-driven redlining seen in America. As if the free ship ride over or the colonial tax imposed by European colonizers weren’t enough of an insult. Blacks motivated by ignorance perceive the fallacious concepts of discovery — the false narratives of the Age of Discovery of the lands of many in this fallacious sense. This was grand theft and larceny on a global scale with the dispossession of everything under the sun, including basic human rights and dignities of native peoples. You can’t discover, humans, nor inhabited lands that already exist.

And so they collude in sustaining the charade of this global social hierarchy under this scourge of racial malignancy, violence, subterfuge, privilege-seeking, opportunism and control.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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